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Spring Fever

March 12, 2015


As sad as it seems, all we can talk about lately is the weather! Finally being able to get outside (without hating everything) is such a relief, and a distraction! It seems every year during these first few days of wonderful weather it’s impossible to focus on work. Here’s our tips for enjoying the season (so you can get back to being productive!):

1) Grow A Plant At The Office

Use a windowsill and plant some seeds in a small pot. An easy project that’ll bring some new life to your office.

2) Take A Daily 10 Minutes Walk

Lunch break, afternoon break, any break. Taking a few minutes to stretch your legs and get some fresh air is always refreshing. Plus, you can get some more steps in on your FitBit 😉

3) Open The Windows And Let That Fresh Air In!

Okay, so it’s not quite warm enough to do that yet. We’re guilty of trying (and freezing our toes off) for some fresh air.

4) If Possible, Work From An Outdoor Location

Most coffee shops have a patio with power outlets and wifi. In our industry, that’s about all we need to work somewhere. Working on paper? Trying bringing everything you need and spending an hour in the sun, or scheduling your next meeting there. Everyone will be a little happier getting some Vitamin D in.

5) Change Your Desktop Picture

Be it grass, flowers, or whatever else reminds you of Spring. Change your desktop picture! It will be a nice surprise whenever you close all your windows (as if that ever ACTUALLY happens).