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GenR8 Tips: Cleaning Up your Website

October 18, 2017


We build quite a few websites at GenR8, and though it isn’t our main service, we do find that it’s the hub of your digital marketing efforts. Because of that we often work with clients to create a new website specifically to garner more leads.

Our tips for your website:

  1. Make Contact Us easy to access. People are lazy, so having the contact form, as well as multiple ways to click to Contact Us will ensure the most traffic to the form.
  2. Use great imagery. There are tons of great FREE stock images out there to utilize if you can’t take your own, but taking your own is preferred. Hiring a photographer to take some headshots, images of you working, and of your location will beef up your website. Even if you can’t afford a photographer, with some decent lighting and the HD camera on your phone you can still take some great shots.
  3. Simplify your website. Both in the menu and within the content you want your website to be easy and simple for the people that use it. Your website should be the introduction to who you are, so make it concise and let people reach out to you to ask their questions.
  4. Let people get to know YOU. Whether it’s in your blog, on your About page, or on a staff page the number one page people will go to on your website is always the page about who you are. So, don’t be afraid to talk about your interests, passions, and why you do what you do. People like people, embrace it!