Okay, so perhaps this isn’t breaking news. However, marketing was, is, and will always be evolving. We can’t reiterate this point enough and it was certainly on the move throughout 2021 and moving into 2022. Here are a few considerations and points we’ve been keeping an eye on:

  • Video continues to grow as the most popular and consumed content on the web.
  • Email marketing is growing strategically for specific content delivery and a more targeted approach to customer communication.
  • Facebook is losing popularity for various reasons, from politics to relevancy, reach, and functionality. Meta Business Suite has been a total headache for many users.
  • Instagram is becoming more of the go-to platform for social media with a more curated approach to content and user-friendly platform design and overall simplicity of use and presentation, and universal demographics.
  • AdWords continues to be an excellent resource for more targeted advertising and has given smaller companies a better option to compete against larger corporations and franchises.
  • How we analyze website data has changed. Bounce rate is less heavily weighted based on how visitors use websites and research information.
  • Google Places listings are imperative to keep updated, and even more so, reviews are invaluable in how consumers shop around to find the right fit when seeking resources.

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Ever been curious about video editing and what goes into the process? Kaitlin is here to fill you in! Click the image below to watch her tutorial on Facebook.


EVERY business needs a great website. Websites are powerful digital resources and the backbone of the internet. Think of your website as a 24/7 salesman. When you consider that customers use the internet at all hours of the day, it should be considered your most powerful asset. Current and potential customers use websites to research, shop, explore and validate a business. The best websites are responsive, engaging, and user-friendly. Having a strong website presence will boost your business’s credibility and help build a loyal customer base in addition to aiding in your search engine optimization (SEO) results.
Google is the most significant engine of the internet, and it is ever-changing. Have you checked to see if your website is up-to-date, relevant, compliant, and optimized, lately? If not, you probably should, and below are some specific points to pay attention to.

Update Your Content Regularly
Have you ever visited a business’s website only to find that the information you read is outdated or no longer applies? Have you updated any of the content on your website since it went live? Assuming it’s not brand new, not updating your website regularly can lower your Google score. Google scores are used to determine what businesses to present to users searching for services or products your company offers and weigh how relevant a site is to a user. If you aren’t regularly feeding Google new content, it will be a knock against your score. So set a reminder, and update that site! It could be as simple as loading new pictures, adding new products or even updating bio sections, or adding a blog.

Use attractive calls to action.
Ask yourself: what’s the top action you want website…