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Don’t get scammed in 2024!

December 19, 2023



social media scams to look out for

Has your business received a notification recently or maybe multiple warnings through your DM’s or Messenger throughout 2023? You aren’t alone. Scam and hacking attempts are on the rise – if you have an account, you’re vulnerable. These hacking messages look legit, but are anything but. Below is a sample of what they may look like on your end.

Here are a few things to look for when determining if a message is legit:

  • Are there typos or misspellings? This is one of the biggest tells that a message is fraudulent
  • Is there a link to click on to seek a resolution? This is the hacker’s “in” to your account. NEVER click on the link. This is the bait.
  • When in doubt, ask us. We are happy to vet a message for you.

Below is a specific policy message from Facebook regarding Messenger notifications claiming to be from Facebook/Meta.


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