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The Use of AI in Marketing

December 19, 2023


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing has been recently getting more and more notoriety for its game-changing abilities. Many people have opposing thoughts on the usage of AI in the workplace. Whether or not it is something we should be worrying about or something we should be taking advantage of. Here’s what GenR8’s president Jason Petersen has to say about AI in marketing and the workplace. 

Social Media Algorithms

What some people may not notice, is that AI has already been in use for a substantial amount of time. Algorithms powered by AI have become the driving force behind content curation and user engagement. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter leverage sophisticated algorithms to analyze user behavior and preferences. Therefore, delivering a personalized feed that keeps users engaged.

These algorithms consider various factors, including past user interactions, content preferences, and trending topics. AI ensures that individuals see content that resonates with their interests. It has effectively changed the way that we view content. By understanding the algorithm and its trends, businesses can leverage content that is popular on social media. On top of that, the best ways of interaction to gain more engagement and attention on their businesses.

Chat GPT

One of the most notorious of new AI developments is conversational AI such as Chat GPT. This AI engine has allowed users to gain access so much more information and in an even easier way than ever before. It’s interface enables businesses to enhance their work by doing all the busy work for them. Finding SEO keywords, formulas and leveraging its abilities to allow your employees to focus on tasks that require more brainwork can be an effective tool in increasing productivity. 

By employing Chat GPT in marketing, businesses can automate responses to customer inquiries, streamline communication processes, and even generate creative content. The ability of AI to comprehend context ensures that customer interactions are not only efficient but also tailored to individual preferences, fostering a sense of personal connection.

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The Evolution of AI in Marketing

Beyond Chat GPT and social media algorithms, AI in marketing continues to evolve with new technologies. AI that can understand complex ideas, identify patterns, and predict consumer behavior, are all on the rise and the truth is we cannot be certain about how the future of AI is going to look. It’s advancements are a great use but the only way to understand how it will impact workplaces in the future is to continue to witness and be open to the rise in AI popularity. Want to learn more? Let’s chat!