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How To Get Started As A Young Entrepreneur

December 26, 2023


As a young entrepreneur trying to start up a business venture, there may come some difficult tasks and challenges that need to be overcome before succeeding. Knowing where to start and how to enter the world of business can be challenging without any guidance. GenR8’s very own president Jason Petersen, is passionate about helping young start-ups grow. Here are some words of wisdom he has to share that can help pave the way for your business’s success.

Listen and Ask Questions

Mentors and experienced seniors can be highly valuable assets on your way to success. Their years of experience can offer valuable insights into the nuances of marketing. Take the time to seek out mentors who have walked the path you aspire to tread. Engage in meaningful conversations, absorb their stories, and learn from both their successes and failures.

A good mentor can offer practical advice, share industry-specific knowledge, and help you sidestep common pitfalls. Whether it’s understanding consumer behavior, honing your brand message, or optimizing your digital presence, be sure to ask the right questions and ask plenty to help clear out any misunderstandings or uncertainty you may have when starting up. 

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 Absorb Information from Everywhere/Everyone

Knowledge is power. By adopting a healthy mindset to continuous learning, you can learn and absorb information from anywhere. Attend industry conferences, webinars, and workshops to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices.

It is also important to not underestimate the power of peer learning. Network with fellow entrepreneurs, join online forums, and participate in networking events.  Pay attention to your surroundings and gain creativity and inspiration from everything. Pick the brains of people you respect and use it to form your own opinions. Remember, inspiration can come from unexpected sources, and cultivating a broad understanding of marketing will only help you become a better entrepreneur.


Starting up as a young entrepreneur can be scary. However, by absorbing the advice of mentors and absorbing information from diverse sources, you can navigate through your challenges with confidence. Always continue to learn, stay curious, and adapt to the landscape of marketing as it continues to change. With the right guidance and a thirst for knowledge, you can not only survive, but thrive. Are you a young entrepreneur with a start up, or are thinking about starting one? Let’s Chat!