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Logo Design: Do’s and Don’ts

May 7, 2024


A company’s logo is one of the cornerstones of its brand identity. A well-designed logo grabs attention but also communicates the essence of a brand. As a business specializing in marketing in Lincoln, Nebraska, it’s important to know what will speak to your unique audience with your logo. 

So, here’s a guide to the dos and don’ts of designing a logo for your brand!

The Dos:

Know Your Audience: Before diving into design, research your target audience’s preferences, values, and expectations. Your logo should resonate with them and evoke the emotions that you want to convey in your brand, whether it’s serenity, energy, friendliness, or reliability

Aim For Sustainability: While staying relevant and keeping up with trends is important, try not to base your logo on fleeting trends. Think of creating sustainable designs that look good, last long, and feel classic in 10 years.

Be Inspired By Your Brand Identity: Just like everything else in your branding, your logo should reflect your brand’s identity. Think about each element and how it contributes to building a cohesive brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Keep in mind that your logo is the image that you would like to portray to your audience of your brand.

The Don’ts of Logo Design:

It’s Trendy! For Now. : Yes, staying updated on design trends is important and it’s great to take in how design trends are shifting holistically, but avoid blindly following trends that can quickly become outdated. So know when to implement modernity, and when not to.

Complex Typography: Choosing complicated or illegible fonts can make your logo difficult to read which can reduce its impact. Keep your fonts clean, legible, and aligned with your brand’s look and feel.

3 Colors, Max!: Keep it simple and use no more than 3 colorscolours when designing your logo. This is to avoid your logo looking too messy and to make it easier for your logo to be converted when doing black and white versions.

Trending Logo Styles in Nebraska’s Digital Marketing Scene:

Use of Bold Colors: Using bold colors in a logo can be a powerful design choice, instantly capturing attention and making a strong statement. Bold colors convey energy, confidence, and creativity, which can help a brand stand out in a competitive market. However, it’s important to use bold colors strategically, ensuring they align with the brand’s identity and target audience. When used effectively, bold colors can make a logo memorable and impactful, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. 

Geometric Shapes: Circles, squares, and triangles are becoming increasingly prevalent in logos. Depending on which shapes you choose to include, you’ll convey a different meaning to your audience. For example, Circles can convey unity, friendship, and eternity while squares convey stability, balance, and professionalism. Use shapes to your advantage when designing your logo. 

Negative Space Usage: Using negative space can add depth to your logo and enhance visual interest. Leaving lots of negative space can keep your ogo easy on the eyes and be more visually appealing. 

You can keep all this info in your arsenal can help you create visually compelling logos for your digital marketing business in Nebraska. Whether you specialize in website design, Google Ads, or social media marketing in Nebraska, a good logo is part of building a brand that consumers will trust and want to collaborate with. 

Ready to Design A Logo For Your Business?

Our team of dedicated experts is committed to providing tailored advice for your branding needs. Whether you’re considering a rebrand or launching a new brand, we collaborate closely to uncover the perfect look and feel for your business. Contact us today, and together, let’s transform your vision into a vibrant digital reality.