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How to Use Auto-Generated Captions in Premiere Pro 2022

Check out this tutorial done by our amazing Video Editor, Kaitlin Kadavy!

What Makes A Great Website?

EVERY business needs a great website. Websites are powerful digital resources and the backbone of the internet. Think of your website as a 24/7 salesman. When you consider that customers use the internet at all hours of the day, it should be considered your most powerful asset. Current and potential customers use websites to research, […]

GenR8 Marketing – Jason: Facebook

GenR8 Marketing’s Jason Petersen talks about Facebook and a comprehensive breakdown on marketing on Facebook.

Cleaning Ninjas Press Release

Cleaning Ninjas of Lincoln, Nebraska partnered with GenR8 Marketing to create and implement a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Cleaning Ninjas marketing plan included a newly designed website and a lead generation system including monthly email marketing, social media posting, and video. Cleaning Ninjas is a residential and commercial cleaning servicer who was awarded the service […]

Christensen Hearing Analytics Launches Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan

Christensen Hearing Analytics of Lincoln, Nebraska partnered with GenR8 Marketing to create and implement a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Christensen Hearing Analytics’ marketing plan included a newly designed website, branding, and lead generation system including monthly email marketing, social media posting, video and print media. Christensen Hearing Analytics is a leading comprehensive audiology practice who […]

Nebraska Institute of Comprehensive Dentistry Launches New Site

NICD Launches New Website – Omaha, Nebraska, April 19, 2021 – Nebraska Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry (NICD) of Omaha, Nebraska recently partnered with GenR8 Marketing of Lincoln, Nebraska to create and launch a newly designed website. New features of the website include detailed information about their current services and an updated virtual Smile Gallery, featuring […]

New Website: Compass Benefits

We have yet another website live! Compass Benefits were great to work with. If you need help with your benefits planning, check them out here – They can guide you through the Medicare Maze and with their expertise, they can give you and your employees personalized services. They will work directly with various insurance carriers, […]

New Website: Camp Sonshine

Our new website creation for Camp Sonshine is live! If you are looking for a non-profit, Christian summer camp, Camp Sonshine is one you should check out! Adrianna, the communications director of Camp Sonshine is very resourceful and knowledgeable. She helped make the website development process easier by being efficient in providing the materials needed […]

New Website: Zeng Granite

We are excited to say that Zeng Granite’s NEW website is now live!   Tim Zeng and his team are passionate about what they do. Over the past 20 years in Lincoln, NE, Zeng Granite is always able to provide quality materials such as granite and quartz to customers.             […]

Relief For Small Business

DIGITAL MARKETING MORE RELEVANT THAN EVER These are uncertain times for so many, not only from a health standpoint but for businesses facing closure due to quarantine and social distancing measures. Now is the time more than ever to not only support small businesses in your community but to look at what you can continue […]

Message from our CEO

Watch Jason’s advice in response to the Covid-19 pandemic to all the business owners out there, and how to get through this challenging times due to the outbreak. Don’t panic, the GenR8 Team will help you navigate through this together!

Episode 16: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 02-25-20

Welcome back to another episode of our Marketing Evolved Podcast. In this episode, we featured our amazing videographer, Kaitlin Kadavy! Have a listen where Jason, Holly, and Kaitlin discusses the beauty of marketing through videography, as well as the challenges and how we overcome them here in GenR8 Marketing. Also, find out what else is […]

Take A Listen…

Missed out on our Podcast last week? It is now available for download HERE Google Guaranteed Heard of Google Guaranteed or Local Services by Google? Most people haven’t. We’re on it, though! Google is now offering a form of accreditation for your business, which is a separate paid service different than AdWords. There are several […]

Episode 15: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 02-17-20

In this episode, we had Van Dang join us to talk about content creation across social media platforms. As it happens to be President Day, Jason, Holly, and Van shared some interesting past events involving the presidents of the United States. They also discussed other ongoing global issues, such as the Coronavirus. Have a listen […]

Episode 14: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 02-03-20

2020 is a big year for GenR8 Marketing as we hit our 10th-Year-Anniversary mark. Listen to this new episode of our Marketing Evolved Podcast where Jason and Holly Petersen share their knowledge about the various trends in the digital marketing world, and how they evolved throughout the past 10 years. Listen On:        

GenR8 Is Celebrating 10 Years in 2020!

Guess what? We’re super excited to be celebrating 10 years in business this year! GenR8 is grateful and honored that our clients chose our services over the last 10 years and beyond. Thanks so much for the opportunity to serve you and your business. We appreciate you!  CHECK, CHECK…IS THIS MIC ON?   Yes! Our […]

New Website : Pilates LM

Pilates LM’s NEW Website Is Live The GenR8 Marketing team is thrilled to announce that we have rolled another site live. It has been a pleasure working with Pilates LM – a pilates studio in New York. Despite the different time zones, Lynn, the owner of Pilates LM was very proactive in providing everything we need […]

Season’s Greetings!

We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! We want to thank you all for a wonderful 2019 and we look forward to serving you in 2020.  Note: The GenR8 office will be CLOSED December 24th – 31st and January 1st   Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Technology Update with Jason Petersen

GenR8 Marketing’s Jason Petersen and Jack discuss the latest ear pods/buds and the latest Samsung foldable phone. Listen to the Podcast below!

Episode 13: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 10-8-19

Here’s Part 4 in which is also the final part of our “State of the Union” series. We all know that email marketing has been around for a long time. To wrap up our series, Jason and Holly discuss the use of email and online marketing. Have a listen! Listen On:        

Episode 12: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 9-26-19

Thanks for joining us in another episode of Marketing Evolved. This week we bring to you – Videos In The Marketing Space. Listen On:        

Episode 10: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 8-30-19

After the long summer break, we are back with another episode of Marketing Evolved! This week marks the first part of our “State of the Union” series – Jason and Holly Petersen talk about the evolution of the website throughout the past 20+ years. Listen On:        

Episode 9: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 8-27-19

We are back with another episode of Marketing Evolved! Jason and Holly Petersen talks about the evolution of the website throughout the past 20+ years. Listen On:        

Meet Van, our team’s Content Manager!

Give a BIG welcome to Van! Van joined our team recently as our Content Manager. You can get-to-know him a bit more, below… What brings you to GenR8 Marketing? I am a recent graduate of UNO and I am starting my career in marketing. GenR8 is giving me the opportunity to learn and develop my […]

GenR8 Marketing Celebrates 9 Years

GenR8 Marketing (, a comprehensive and self-described boutique marketing firm located in Lincoln, is marking their 9th anniversary in business. GenR8 focuses on servicing small- to medium-sized businesses on a local and national level. Core services include websites, social media, email marketing, video, and online advertising. “We’re excited to be doing business in the Lincoln area […]

Episode 8: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 6-11-19

This week the team talks about Warren Buffett’s “upside-down” philosophy, Apple’s latest updates and the best travel apps to use for your next vacation. Also, they dive into smart home assist products and if they’ll affect the marketing industry. Listen On:        

Tech Talk with Jason on 1400 KLiN Radio show 05-22-2019

Check out our CEO Jason Petersen on LNK Today talking about tech!

Episode 7: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 5-14-19

After a little break, the team is back! The team discusses Facebooks latest updates, jobs that are in high demand, and how social media is affecting youth’s self-esteem. Also, be ready to learn about the team favorite summertime activity. Listen On:        

Episode 6: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 4.9.19

Listen to another episode of Marketing Evolved by the GenR8 Marketing team! In this week’s podcast, the Marketing Evolved team discusses GenZ and the latest trends! Listen On:        

Episode 5: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 4.2.19

Listen to another episode of Marketing Evolved by the GenR8 Marketing team! In this week’s podcast, the Marketing Evolved team discusses how Google has grown, and how it has made its way into our daily lives. Listen On:        

New Website : Too Fast Supply

Another New Site Live! We are excited to share the new website that we designed and developed for our friends at TooFast Supply. The GenR8 Marketing team enjoyed working with TooFast Supply as they were super friendly and co-operative. We definitely look forward to working with them again in the future. If you ever need any […]

Fact or Fiction? – BNI Presentation

In this week’s BNI, Jason kicks off his presentation with some “Fact or Fiction” questions in relation to Google and Social Media. He also touches on branding, how businesses could gain traction through digital marketing, and more!

Episode 4: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 3.19.19

Listen to another episode of Marketing Evolved by the GenR8 Marketing team! In this week’s podcast, the Marketing Evolved team discusses Instagram and Facebook. Some of the topics includes the use of influencers and privacy levels on Facebook. Listen On:        

Episode 3: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 3.5.19

The Marketing Evolved team chats about social media trolls, memoriam feeds, foldable phones and more in their latest podcast. Listen On:        

Episode 2: Marketing Evolved Podcast – GenR8 Marketing – 2-19-19

Deidre, Holly, and Jason talk about 2019 social media trends, The Oscars, website hosting, Twitter and more on the latest Marketing Evolved Podcast! Listen On:        

Here We Go! – Marketing Evolved PodCast

Introducing our very own podcast: Marketing Evolved! The GenR8 team will be going over all things marketing and sharing stories that not only speak to us but also the clients we serve and small businesses, no matter the industry. Introducing our very own podcast: Marketing Evolved! The GenR8 team will be going over all things […]

Meet Deidre!

Our team is continuing to grow and we’re excited to welcome our newest member Deidre Stevens! Below you’ll find more info about her. Deidre Stevens is our Strategy, Media, and Traffic Team member. She helps with client’s accounts, their social media profiles, and overall marketing strategy. Deidre is getting quite excited about this next phase […]

Jason on 1400 KLiN Radio show 18-07-18

Listen to Jason talking tech with Jack Mitchell from LNK Today, as they discuss website securities, Google, Amazon Prime and much more. Make sure to check out the podcast!

Jason on 1400 KLIN Radio Show 18-05-23

Recently Google has created an AI that would help assist with making reservations, or booking appointments over the phone, and you don’t have to do a single thing. The digital world is constantly evolving for either ethical reasons, adapting to the simultaneously evolving technology around us, or simply to make our lives easier. However, it […]

Testimonial: What Amy and Brian think about GenR8 Marketing

We are so blessed to be able to work with such wonderful clients. Thank you, Amy and Brian, of Pro Insurance Resources for doing this!

Jason on 1400 KLIN 18-05-02

Another Amazon update! Recently, Amazon has taken another step further in their delivery service. Listen to find out more!

Testimonial: What Rosario Think of the New Studio

Yes, we do have a new video studio! We had one of our clients, Rosario from Queen Bee Cleaning to share her thoughts on the studio. Thanks a lot, Rosario!

Tip of the Week: Educate More than You Sell

“People value people” – Talking business does not only mean you are selling your brand but also how you educate people about it and how you can help them in return.

Jason Gives Some Tech Tips on Channel 8 KLKN-TV

Technology is moving forward as time goes by. So, watch this interview as Jason talks about how much technology has grown and how it has helped many businesses out there.

Jason on 1400 KLIN 18-17-2

Jack and Megan talk Facebook! Listen to find out their opinions.

Jason on 1400 KLIN 18-24-1

Jack and Mark had a chat with Jason Petersen, as they talk about the pros and cons of having Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Meet Our New Team Member!

Have you met our new Team member Jillian, yet?! You can learn more about Jillian below… #gettingtoknowyou Jillian Chow is the Account Manager of the team! She is in charge of managing all accounts, posting contents on social media, analyzing data, and preparing marketing sales reports. She is a food lover in general, but one […]

Tip of the Week: Website User Flow on Google Analytics

Holly talks about the User Flow area of Google Analytics on your website and how to use that data for your marketing.

Holiday Tech Gift List 2017

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving which means one thing: we’ve got the holidays on the brain! Along with all of the delicious food we plan to eat we’re also thinking about gift giving and finding the perfect thing for every person on your list. Our round up this year includes some of our favorite items […]

LNK Today 10.24.17

Listen to Jack and Jason talk marketing in the age of google search and social media and count down the 5 top stories of the day in the Morning Drive!

Jason Shares About Internet Security Updates on Channel 8 KLKN-TV

Jason shares about the security issues we are going to see more often on the Internet and how to overcome that by SSL and lock features in Google Chrome, and more.

LIBA Digital Marketing Lead Generation workshop

LIBA Digital Marketing Lead Generation workshop from Jason Petersen on Vimeo. Watch Jason Petersen’s presentation at the Digital Marketing Lead Generation workshop. Watch this informative presentation to learn more about social media advertising, Google Adwords, and Email Marketing (Newsletters), and how to use them to generate leads. Jason also gave in-depth explanations on the different […]

GenR8 Tips: Cleaning Up your Website

We build quite a few websites at GenR8, and though it isn’t our main service, we do find that it’s the hub of your digital marketing efforts. Because of that we often work with clients to create a new website specifically to garner more leads. Our tips for your website: Make Contact Us easy to […]

Jason on Midday Forum 10.9.17

This month on the Channel 8 KLKN Midday Forum Jason talks about the new Apple products and whether they’re worth the upgrades.

Announcing: Digital Marketing Workshop

Join GenR8 Marketing and LIBA for a Lead Generation Using Social Media & Google Search Workshop! Looking for new ways to generate leads for your business? Maybe you want to build visibility and word-of-mouth buzz? There are some great tools, as it relates to digital marketing to put to use. In this class, we talk […]

GenR8 Tips: Business use of Social Media

In this week’s tip Jason from GenR8 Marketing gives some advice on best practices and the true value for a business in using social media. Social is Effective, as long as it is strategic, intentional, and consistent Social is Advocacy Based, it’s not about the sales mentality, it’s about teaching who you are so people […]

Welcome to GenR8 Marketing

Watch our new video of Jason introducing GenR8 and explaining what we do here!

LNK Today 9.27.17

Jack and Eddie Brown talk tech with Jason Petersen. Topics include Twitter and the Apple Watch.

Jason Gives a Presentation on BNI

Watch this informational presentation by Jason Petersen, the CEO of GenR8 Marketing, on BNI Business Boosters. Jason Petersen Genr8 Marketing BNI Presentation from Jason Petersen on Vimeo.

LNK Today 8.30.17

Jack talks tech with Jason. Topics include FitBit’s rise and other smart watches, as well as Apple Rumors with the September 12th Announcement.

Announcing: New Marketing Intern Chelsie Chow

Meet Chelsie! GenR8’s new marketing intern… Name: Chelsie Chow Major: Advertising & Public Relations Where are you from? I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What’s your favorite restaurant in Lincoln? House of Hunan, if you love spicy, that is the place to go. They have some spicy and good chilly paste that goes with anything. If […]

Announcing: GenR8 Marketing Open House

Join GenR8 Marketing and LIBA for an Open House Celebration of GenR8’s new location! We are located at 2120 South 56th St., Suite 204 on the SE corner of 56th and South in the Hampton Place building RSVP at :

Jason on Midday Forum 8.22.17

Jason talks about smart homes and the IoT (Internet of Things)

LNK Today 8.2.17

Jack talks tech with Jason.

LNK Today 7.5.17

Jack & Tim talk tech with Jason Petersen from his being reunited with Android and comparing it to Apple anew, a review of the Beta of iOS 11, a preview of Amazon Prime Day and a look at how ticketing for concerts may look in the future.

GenR8 Tips: Editing Imagery

So, you finally found the PERFECT image for your website, blog, or social media post, (thanks to our blog post) but now you’re not sure how to edit it? Don’t worry, there are lot’s of options out there! At GenR8 we tend to use Adobe products for our editing needs. This means relying heavily on […]

The Art of Websites

Last week while perusing the internet Karole found this meme about making websites and she had to admit, it made her giggle! Frequently she finds that client’s expectations of how a website is done are very similar to that: all she has to do is just tell it to do it and it will. Unfortunately, […]

Apple WWDC 2017

It’s our favorite time of year… Apple Announcement time! We have a few Apple fanatics at the office, and every time there are Apple announcements we all find ourselves tuning e-mail our and tuning into whatever is being announced. This year’s Apple WWDC Keynote included quite a bit for us to be excited about. We saw […]

GenR8 Digital Marketing Workshop – Cornhusker Bank

Need to fine tune your digital marketing skills and learn how to better use your website and social media for marketing? Come join us for a FREE workshop on Digital Marketing with GenR8 Marketing! We’ll talk about the in’s and out’s of websites, social media, online advertising, email marketing and more. Learn more about available […]

New Signage!

Our new sign is finally up in the front of the office! We were able to take an old kitchen table top from Jason and Holly’s early days for the glass, then we utilized Lawhorne Design for the Vinyl and finally we had it hung by Sign Solutions of Lincoln. Make sure to check it […]

Meet Holly

Learn More about Holly Petersen, GenR8 Marketing’s Vice President

LNK Today 5.24.17

Jason Talks tech with Jack. Jack investigates how Snapchat vs Instagram are used by different generations and Jason explains how some of the features can be used both personally and for businesses.

What is Digital Marketing?

Often when we describe what GenR8 Marketing is people will ask “What even IS Digital Marketing?”. Even if you don’t know what it is you are probably already doing it, whether it’s for a business or even personally. Digital Marketing involves any way you market yourself online. It can include Website, Social Media, Email Newsletters, […]

GenR8 Marketing’s Web Services

Learn More about our Web Design Services at GenR8 Marketing

Meet Jason

Learn More about Jason Petersen, GenR8 Marketing’s CEO

LNK Today 5.10.17

Jason Talks tech with the guys, particularly the future of the Amazon Echo/Google home products and how Apple will join this race.

GenR8 Tips: Email Marketing

Today’s tip is about e-mail marketing. We always get a couple common questions and wanted to answer them for you here. Where do I get contacts? The best way is to look at your phone and contact lists. A good basis is always the people you already know. What type of content do I use? […]

Our New Office

It’s official and we’re loving it! At the end of April we made the move into our new offices at 2120 S 56th St in Suite 204. We’re still working on a few more spots to paint and art to hang but so far things are looking great! Here are a couple pictures we’ve posted […]

LNK Today 4.26.17

Jack & Jason talk tech including new phone rumors, spotting fake news and making sure email and calendar syncs across all your devices.

Jason on Midday Forum 4.25.17

Jason talks about his techcall business and some of the most common tech questions he gets about at-home electronics

Jason Speaks at PerkUp Thursday Coffee

  Each week at the SCC Entrepreneurship Center they host a coffee. This week Jason had the pleasure of speaking, and he didn’t let his broken foot keep him down! Jason spoke about what he’s learned running his own business and about the ever-evolving field of Marketing. Thanks for having us out!

We’re Moving!

GenR8 Marketing is gearing up for a move! After the 1st of May we will now be located at 2120 S 56th St. Suite 204. We look forward to all of the new opportunities a new location will provide us.   We’re also selling our quad cubicle as it will no longer be needed. It […]

LNK Today 4.12.17

Kevin & Jack talk tech with Jason Petersen. Jason talks tech including Facebook continuing to roll out new features, Instagram’s continuing effort to be more Snapchat-like and can fitbit dominate the wearables market with their release this fall?

GenR8 Marketing Ribbon Cutting

Thanks again to everyone who made it out for the GenR8 Marketing Ribbon Cutting. We had so much fun!

Jason on Midday Forum 3.28.17

Jason talks about some of the latest from Apple and other technology updates

LNK Today 3.29.17

Kevin & City Councilman Trent Fellers talk tech with Jason Petersen. Jason touches on his new role in helping people consult with their technology at TechCall Consulting and GenR8’s Ribbon Cutting. More information on the latest Apple News.

GenR8 Tips: Using Google to Grow Your Business

Today’s topic is one that comes up all the time: dealing with search on Google. We’re sure you’ve gotten dozens on dozens of e-mails from vultures who want to help with SEO and Google AdWords. Those always have their place, but we believe there are some basic things that you can do. Constantly Update your Website […]

Announcing: GenR8 Marketing Ribbon Cutting

Turbine Digital is now GenR8 Marketing! We are extremely thankful for all those that came out to help us celebrate our Ribbon Cutting. Ribbon Cutting Speech: Ribbon Cutting:

GenR8 Tips: Better Presentations with Prezi

Need to create some presentations online? Spice it up by using Prezi and some lapel microphones you can get on Amazon.  

GenR8 Tips: Facebook Insights

In this weeks GenR8 Tips: Facebook Insights for your Business Page. Step one, make sure your page is a FB business page. Step two, check out your insights to learn more about what posts are mattering to your clientele.  

LNK Today 3.1.17

Jack & Kevin talk YouTube TV & how Amazon is taking over the world with Jason.

Genr8 Tips: Facebook

This week, Holly talks about the importance of staying relational on Facebook. We often talk about how Facebook is the family room of social media… you expect to see your friends and family, play a few games, and have a few great chats. Keep in mind that audience when posting for your business and always […]

LNK Today 2.15.17

Jack & Kevin talk about GenR8’s new name with Jason, as well as Facebook coming to your TV, Apple’s attempt at TV Shows, and cyber-squatting

GenR8 Tips: What is DNS

When dealing with websites we’re often asked what in the world DNS is. Often, it’s different than where you’re domain is, and even what you’re hosting is. Jason explains more…  

GenR8 Tips: Free Imagery

It’s important when posting online to have imagery. Photos & graphics provide interest and lend a new level to your work. When looking for stock imagery online don’t land yourself with a lawsuit because you didn’t pay for the image license. You can use websites like and  to get free, high resolution images.  

Welcome to GenR8 Marketing!

We are GenR8 Marketing, providing digital marketing services such as website, social media, google search, & video in a way that helps generate new business for our customers.

Announcing: GenR8 Marketing

Turbine Digital is now GenR8 Marketing! Over the years Turbine Digital has evolved our services to meet the modern marketing needs of businesses today. GenR8 Marketing offers full service digital marketing consulting with a focus on strategy, social media, website creation, video and internet advertising. GenR8’s focus is simple – generate leads through strategic digital […]

LNK Today 2.1.17

Jack & Kevin talk business social media strategy and the tech implications of extreme vetting with Jason.

Jason on Midday Forum 1.24.17

Jason talks about Social Media Marketing Trends on the Midday Forum

Jason on Midday Forum 8.23.16 – Pinterest and Instagram

Jason gives a 101 low down on how Pinterest and Instragram works

Jack and Dave in the Morning 3.16.2016

J&D talk w/Jason about the latest Apple rumors before the scheduled conference on the 21st

Man’s best friend beneficial in the workplace? You be the judge.

Some of the most successful companies in the world are becoming pet friendly.  Google, Amazon, and Etsy are a few of the many companies that allow you to bring your furry friend to the workplace. When it came to group tasks, those who had a dog around them tested higher for trust, team bonding, and […]

Jack and Dave in the Morning 2.17.2016

J&D talk w/Jason about Mobile encryption.  

Jason on Midday Forum 01.26.2016

Jason talks about the importance of Websites on his monthly visit to the Midday Forum. Have websites changed or stayed the same? Check out what Jason’s 20 years of experience have taught him.    

If I had a billion dollars…

It’s the subject of the week for the United States. What would you do if you won the lottery? With the Powerball jackpot prize currently at 1.5 Billion dollars, and increasing every hour as more and more people rush to buy their tickets (hey, someone has to win, right?!) we’ve all caught ourselves dreaming about […]

Jack and Dave in the Morning 12.9.2015

J&D talk w/Jason re the top apps of all time, tech companies fighting ISIS and good news for cord cutters.  

WebSite Best Practices

On November 19th, 2015 Jason hosted a roundtable discussion as part of an NSAE presentation. He touched on many subjects, from websites to digital marketing. One thing quickly became clear: when it comes to websites, it’s easy to get a little confused. So, straight from Jason himself, here are your WebSite Best Practices: You’re not a […]

Jack and Dave in the Morning 10.28.2015

Jason and the guys talk tech  

Jack and Dave in the Morning 9.30.2015

Jason talks the latest Facebook hoax, new Android stuff and the iOS9 with the guys.  

Partnership with

Hosting of websites is an area that continues to evolve. Websites require security updates and maintenance on an ongoing basis. We at Turbine Digital have partnered with Binary, Inc. to offer you the best hosting services available. Binary Inc, is a locally owned company based in Lincoln, NE. We have already begun this transition and […]

Google Rules: Be Mobile Friendly

Flashback to just a few years ago, do you remember? A time when we couldn’t pull out our phone to answer every question we could possibly come up with. The world has progressed far past that point now, and Google has taken notice. If your site isn’t Mobile Friendly, then you’re S.O.L. when it comes […]

Jack and Dave in the Morning 3.18.2015

Jack and Dave talk to Jason about Meerkat & what it is & whether this is the beginning of the end for online passwords.  

Spring Fever

As sad as it seems, all we can talk about lately is the weather! Finally being able to get outside (without hating everything) is such a relief, and a distraction! It seems every year during these first few days of wonderful weather it’s impossible to focus on work. Here’s our tips for enjoying the season […]

Jack and Dave in the Morning 1.21.2015

Here Jason talk about saying Goodbye to Internet Explorer and the dumbest passwords of 2014.  

Jack and Dave in The Morning 1.7.2015

Hear Jason talk new technology at CES and what Back to the Future technology has and hasn’t happened.      

R U Missing Out on SM Traffic?

The latest stats show that 32% of data shared on mobile traffic is coming from YouTube and Facebook.  Is your business on social media?  If you don’t think social media is for you, think again…    

Facebook Q&A

We thought we’d take some time today to address some common questions and issues that arise with Facebook business accounts.  Here are the top three – straight from the developers and customer service at Facebook! 1.)  How do I claim a Facebook page that already exists for your business? A Facebook Page may exist for your […]




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