New Site Launch: The Corky Canvas

Lincoln & Omaha, Nebraska – GenR8 Marketing, a leading web development agency specializing in digital marketing, is proud to announce the successful launch of a new website for The Corky Canvas, a renowned Wine & Paint Event Center. This exciting project aims to provide an enhanced online experience for visitors, while effectively showcasing The Corky Canvas’ unique brand personality and commitment to excellence.

At The Corky Canvas, their passion lies in delivering the highest quality wine and paint experience to their valued customers. With a deep-rooted love for their patrons, The Corky Canvas prides itself on offering classes that are not only easy and fun but also educational. It’s an opportunity for attendees to have an amazing time while learning a thing or two about painting.

Collaborating with The Corky Canvas was an enjoyable venture for GenR8 Marketing. Their expertise in creating compliant websites that align with Google’s standards perfectly complemented The Corky Canvas’ vision. The objective was clear: design and develop a new website that captures the essence of their creative and artsy brand personality, attracting new users and converting them into leads.

The newly launched website is a testament to GenR8 Marketing’s commitment to excellence in web development. With a sleek and modern design, the site showcases The Corky Canvas’ vibrant atmosphere, blending artistry and wine tasting in an enticing manner. From the moment visitors enter the site, they are greeted with an intuitive interface that effortlessly guides them through the various offerings and class schedules.

One of the key highlights of the website is its seamless integration with Google’s requirements, ensuring optimal visibility in search engine results. Leveraging GenR8 Marketing’s expertise in digital marketing, the site incorporates strategic elements to attract organic traffic and enhance online visibility, ultimately driving more visitors to The Corky Canvas’ doors.

The launch of the new website marks a significant milestone in The Corky Canvas’ digital journey. As they continue to offer unforgettable experiences to their customers, this dynamic online platform will serve as a gateway for enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary blend of art and wine.

What Makes A Great Website?

EVERY business needs a great website. Websites are powerful digital resources and the backbone of the internet. Think of your website as a 24/7 salesman. When you consider that customers use the internet at all hours of the day, it should be considered your most powerful asset. Current and potential customers use websites to research, shop, explore and validate a business. The best websites are responsive, engaging, and user-friendly. Having a strong website presence will boost your business’s credibility and help build a loyal customer base in addition to aiding in your search engine optimization (SEO) results.

Google is the most significant engine of the internet, and it is ever-changing. Have you checked to see if your website is up-to-date, relevant, compliant, and optimized, lately? If not, you probably should and below are some specific points to pay attention to.

Update Your Content Regurlarly

Have you ever visited a business’s website only to find that the information you read is outdated or no longer applies? Have you updated any of the content on your website since it went live? Assuming it’s not brand new, not updating your website regularly can lower your Google score. Google scores are used to determine what businesses to present to users searching for services or products your company offers and weighs how relevant a site is to a user. If you aren’t regularly feeding Google new content, it will be a knock against your score. So set a reminder, and update that site! It could be as simple as loading new pictures, adding new products or even updating bio sections or adding a blog.

Use Attractive Calls To Action

Ask yourself: what’s the top action you want your website visitors to take?

Every website is a tool that educates and validates what your business does, but its primary purpose is to get you more business. Whether you are looking to direct website visitors to your e-commerce page, sign up for newsletters, or submit contact information, having a clear “call to action” will work wonders in directing visitors toward your ultimate goals for them.

Use Authentic Images

Does your website rely heavily on stock imagery? Users are getting better at judging how authentic websites are. When stock photography is used, it can decrease trust and make your business appear generic. Stock photography can be high quality, but it usually fails to create an authentic connection between the user and the brand. Only images of your business, staff, and products can do that and guess what? Google can tell the difference, too! Remember that scoring we mentioned earlier? Place your authentic images strategically in your website to help tell the story of your business.

Keep Website Pages Consistent

Consistency is key! When designing or updating a website, make sure everything from font choices and sizes, coloring, spacing, design elements, photo choices, you name it, match your brand and story. This attention to detail makes your website design coherent regardless of what page they are on.

Optimize Page Speeds

Is there anything more frustrating than having to wait an obnoxious amount of time for a page to load? When visitors don’t get what they want as fast as they want, they usually leave. To improve your page speed, compress all images before placing them on your website.

Be Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Websites can no longer be designed with only laptop and desktop users in mind. Websites must be mobile-friendly and easy to navigate regardless of which device visitors use to access them and you should know that Google penalizes sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices and varying screen sizes. So, make sure your website is responsive.

Having a strong website presence is the backbone of any business’s digital marketing efforts and works with all your other marketing initiatives – from social media to written materials. Think yours needs some help? Reach out today and we’d be happy to talk through your website needs.

Cleaning Ninjas Press Release

Cleaning Ninjas of Lincoln, Nebraska partnered with GenR8 Marketing to create and implement a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Cleaning Ninjas marketing plan included a newly designed website and a lead generation system including monthly email marketing, social media posting, and video.

Cleaning Ninjas is a residential and commercial cleaning servicer who was awarded the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award. To learn more about Cleaning Ninjas and their team, please visit their website at:

If you need comprehensive digital marketing for your business or organization, please contact GenR8 Marketing today!

Christensen Hearing Analytics Launches Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan

Christensen Hearing Analytics of Lincoln, Nebraska partnered with GenR8 Marketing to create and implement a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Christensen Hearing Analytics’ marketing plan included a newly designed website, branding, and lead generation system including monthly email marketing, social media posting, video and print media.

Christensen Hearing Analytics is a leading comprehensive audiology practice who is on the cutting edge of hearing aid technology. To learn more about Christensen Hearing Analytics or Roy Christensen, and his team, please visit their website at:

If you need comprehensive digital marketing for your business or organization, please contact the GenR8 team today!

"I work with the people at GenR8 at my job. They are the BEST decision we have made in a long time! Not only have they improved our website, but overall marketing for our business. Very professional, kind, knowledgeable, and able to explain new technology and social media in ways that no one else has! AND, their office is in Lincoln, Nebraska! I love working with their entire global team!"

- Roy Christensen, Christensen Hearing Analytics

Nebraska Institute of Comprehensive Dentistry Launches New Site

NICD Launches New Website Omaha, Nebraska, April 19, 2021

Nebraska Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry (NICD) of Omaha, Nebraska recently partnered with GenR8 Marketing of Lincoln, Nebraska to create and launch a newly designed website. New features of the website include detailed information about their current services and an updated virtual Smile Gallery, featuring real clients and their results. The site also offers a Concierge section with information about visiting their practice and forms for client convenience. NICD hopes that the new website will not only better communicate with their current patients, but reach new and potential patients and showcase Dr. Sesemann’s remarkable reputation in the industry. NICD is a leading practice in Nebraska for comprehensive and aesthetic dentistry, including snore devices, full mouth reconstruction, Invisalign and more. To learn more about NICD, Dr. Sesemann and his team, please visit their new website at –

New Website: Compass Benefits

We have yet another website live! Compass Benefits were great to work with.

If you need help with your benefits planning, check them out here – They can guide you through the Medicare Maze and with their expertise, they can give you and your employees personalized services. They will work directly with various insurance carriers, administrative organizations, and providers on your behalf.

New Website: Camp Sonshine

Our new website creation for Camp Sonshine is live!

If you are looking for a non-profit, Christian summer camp, Camp Sonshine is one you should check out! Adrianna, the communications director of Camp Sonshine is very resourceful and knowledgeable. She helped make the website development process easier by being efficient in providing the materials needed for the project. Overall, it was a pleasure working with them. Check out their full website here –

New Website: Zeng Granite

We are excited to say that Zeng Granite’s NEW website is now live!

Tim Zeng and his team are passionate about what they do. Over the past 20 years in Lincoln, NE, Zeng Granite is always able to provide quality materials such as granite and quartz to customers.

If you need a new kitchen countertop or a bathroom sink, feel free to reach out to them! For more information, check out their website here –

Relief For Small Business

Digital Marketing More Relevent Than Ever

These are uncertain times for so many, not only from a health standpoint but for businesses facing closure due to quarantine and social distancing measures. Now is the time more than ever to not only support small businesses in your community but to look at what you can continue to do within your operation. What does this look like specifically for digital marketing strategies?

Below, Jason shares some additional thoughts and efforts that GenR8 is doing during this time for not only our clients but others who may benefit from these workarounds.

Gift Certificate Opportunity

An opportunity has arisen to help address some of the business closures related to the COVID-19 epidemic and businesses through LIBA. Please see their message below to participate…

For business owners to get their business listed to sell these gift cards and gift certificates, please have them use this link to get their business signed up to sell the gift cards and gift certificates. There is no cost to business owners to sign up on this site.

Once we get businesses signed up on the site and it is ready to launch, we will be announcing this to the media statewide on Monday to get the word out for people to go online and purchase the gift cards. We hope this will help business owners with much-needed cash for their businesses at this time.

Please share this link with fellow business owners who would benefit from being listed on our site.

Washing Your Electronics

Washed your phone or computer lately? If not, then you need to get on it! Disinfecting and cleaning your electronics has always been important, but now more so than ever.

Cleaning Tips: