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RBC Event Space Website Revamp

Website Revamp

New & Refreshed Website

RBC Event Space is a event venue in Lincoln, NE, known for its sophisticated ambiance and versatile facilities. They approached GenR8 Marketing with the goal of elevating her online presence through strategic improvements in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, and a complete overhaul of the existing website on Squarespace. The slight hiccup was that there were some CMS limitations, we managed to work around it and still produced a beautiful, refreshed website! 

Challenges Faced & Solutions:

  1. Outdated Website: The existing website lacked a modern design and failed to effectively showcase the elegance of RBC Event Space. The new website design focused on elegance and sophistication, aligning with the classy image Shoira envisioned.
  2. Limited Online Visibility: RBC Event Space struggled to reach its target audience, hindering its potential for business growth. As a solution we offered coaching for social media & SEO strategy.
  3. Improve Brand Image: They desired a website that not only breathed life into her business online but also portrayed a more elegant and approachable look that will do justice for the event space. So we delivered!
"We have been working with GeneR8 Marketing since our business opened in 2018. From the beginning, their professional team helped us grow our business, presenting us on social media and Google platforms. Jason is easy to work with, very professional, and caring, supporting small businesses in many ways, building working strategies, planning every step, explaining the benefits, and how the market works. Jason is well experienced; his approach to every business is individual according to the field and interests. Holly and Jason helped us build the website, improve the interior, customer service, and sell strategies. I am pleased to know this amazing team while working with them for many years. Now Chelsie, Mateo, and Kaitlin have finished working on our new updated website. This team is easy to work with; Chelsie is professional, responsible, creative, and always friendly and supportive. Jason and Holly are building the plan for the future marketing of our business on social media and Google platforms. With the GeneR8 Marketing team, we are in a good place! Thank you, GeneR8 Marketing, for such a great experience!"
RBC Event Space
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Video Production

Virtual Tour

To provide potential clients with an immersive experience, GenR8 incorporated video production for a virtual tour, showcasing the exquisite details of the event space.