GenR8 Tips: Free Imagery

It’s important when posting online to have imagery. Photos & graphics provide interest and lend a new level to your work. When looking for stock imagery online don’t land yourself with a lawsuit because you didn’t pay for the image license. You can use websites like and  to get free, high resolution images.


Announcing: GenR8 Marketing

Turbine Digital is now GenR8 Marketing! Over the years Turbine Digital has evolved our services to meet the modern marketing needs of businesses today. GenR8 Marketing offers full service digital marketing consulting with a focus on strategy, social media, website creation, video and internet advertising. GenR8’s focus is simple – generate leads through strategic digital marketing.

Man’s best friend beneficial in the workplace? You be the judge.

Some of the most successful companies in the world are becoming pet friendly.  Google, Amazon, and Etsy are a few of the many companies that allow you to bring your furry friend to the workplace.

When it came to group tasks, those who had a dog around them tested higher for trust, team bonding, and intimacy than those who worked without one.

  • 11% drop in stress when allowed to bring your pet to work
  • 70% spike in stress when having to leave their pet at home

Lower stress = Lower blood pressure, fewer heart problems How is that related to workplace productivity? Healthier employees take less sicks days = more productivity & lower health insurance premiums = happier employees

Meet our furry office pets:


Gilly is 1 1/2 year old white Collie. She’s originally from Beaver Crossing, NE but moved to Lincoln to start a family. She enjoys long walks, begging for scraps, fetch and sleeping at the foot of the bed.





Liam is a 9 month old tri-color Collie. He’s originally from Chillicothe, MO and moved to Lincoln last year to start a family. Liam enjoys long runs with Jason, licking people, trying to sit on furniture like a human and endless games of fetch.





Sunny is a 9 year old sable Sheltie. She’s originally from a farm in South Kansas. Sunny is naturally an introvert and enjoys lots of time alone and prefers less noise, unless she is the one making it.


If I had a billion dollars…

It’s the subject of the week for the United States. What would you do if you won the lottery? With the Powerball jackpot prize currently at 1.5 Billion dollars, and increasing every hour as more and more people rush to buy their tickets (hey, someone has to win, right?!) we’ve all caught ourselves dreaming about what we would do if we had the winning ticket. So, what would the Turbine Digital team do if they won?


“Give 999 million to charities that I am passionate about. Build up my personal mental health ministry The rest save and pay off debt!”


“If I had to make a list:

  1. Tithe, donate 20% (church, non-profits)
  2. Create non-profit charitable fund
  3. $250,000 Education Fund for Kids
  4. Gift $1 million to pay off any outstanding family member debt
  5. Set up family Trust/invest with remaining
  6. Travel!!!”


“We would take the cash payout of 930 Million Dollars! Holy cow that is a ton of money! Because I am too stingy to ever take a real vacation (occupational hazard) we would take a vacation. I would pay off our debt, invest a large majority, start a charitable foundation and purchase a house for each of my siblings and mother.”


“Pay off my student loans of course! Buy a modest house with a nice backyard for my dog to run around in. Fix my Grandmothers house up in Hawaii, hello vacation home. Take a vacation TO Hawaii and eat all my favorite foods. Spoil my loved ones since I’m lucky they put up with me. I’d probably buy some rental properties so I could keep making money, but then focus on a retirement home for dogs and cats whose owners have passed away.”

What would you do if you won the jackpot?

WebSite Best Practices

On November 19th, 2015 Jason hosted a roundtable discussion as part of an NSAE presentation. He touched on many subjects, from websites to digital marketing. One thing quickly became clear: when it comes to websites, it’s easy to get a little confused. So, straight from Jason himself, here are your WebSite Best Practices:

  • You’re not a web developer, so use a content management system. This prevents you from having to hire someone to make changes for you in the future.
  • “The Fold” is a thing of the past. With the rise of mobile and tablet use, scrolling has become the norm.
  • When you’re looking at your Analytics (and you SHOULD be looking at them) pay attention to the Bounce Rate and Time people spend on your site. If your bounce rate is unusually high (over 50%) and time spend is low (under 2 minutes) you may want to rethink the look, ease of use, and content you have on your website.
  • Trying to get more traffic to your website? Try editorialized content, like a blog. These make great Facebook Posts, as well as keep the Google Monster happy.
  • SPEAKING of the Google Monster, SEO, at least when it comes to keywords, is a thing of the past. Personalized content is IN. Google doesn’t look for keywords anymore, it’s looking for key paragraphs. Keep it fresh, and keep it you, plagiarized content WILL NOT go over well.
  • Wondering what people look at the most on your website? The trend is people. Go on and show off your employees, Our Team pages tend to be the most popular.

There you have it, Jason’s top tips for Websites. Want to hear more? Just give us a call! 🙂

Partnership with

Hosting of websites is an area that continues to evolve. Websites require security updates and maintenance on an ongoing basis. We at Turbine Digital have partnered with Binary, Inc. to offer you the best hosting services available. Binary Inc, is a locally owned company based in Lincoln, NE. We have already begun this transition and it should be completed within the next 30-60 days.

If your website is currently hosted with Turbine it will be moved onto Binary’s. Once your site is moved you will begin to receive invoices from Binary, Inc. rather than Turbine Digital. Please be aware that you may see an increase in the cost, but you will also see an increase in the services you receive.

Binary, Inc. will provide the following services:

FTP/Cpanel Server Access

Backup Services Daily – rotated every 30 days

24/7 Up time monitoring of site

wordpress/drupal software updated once a month

DNS Hosting Services


As always, thank you for trusting Turbine Digital as your digital marketing and web design resource.

Google Rules: Be Mobile Friendly

Flashback to just a few years ago, do you remember? A time when we couldn’t pull out our phone to answer every question we could possibly come up with.

The world has progressed far past that point now, and Google has taken notice. If your site isn’t Mobile Friendly, then you’re S.O.L. when it comes to Google Mobile Searches. Luckily, we at Turbine are here to help. Here are some tricks and tips to being considered Mobile-Friendly by Google:

Spring Fever

As sad as it seems, all we can talk about lately is the weather! Finally being able to get outside (without hating everything) is such a relief, and a distraction! It seems every year during these first few days of wonderful weather it’s impossible to focus on work. Here’s our tips for enjoying the season (so you can get back to being productive!):

1) Grow A Plant At The Office

Use a windowsill and plant some seeds in a small pot. An easy project that’ll bring some new life to your office.

2) Take A Daily 10 Minutes Walk

Lunch break, afternoon break, any break. Taking a few minutes to stretch your legs and get some fresh air is always refreshing. Plus, you can get some more steps in on your FitBit 😉

3) Open The Windows And Let That Fresh Air In!

Okay, so it’s not quite warm enough to do that yet. We’re guilty of trying (and freezing our toes off) for some fresh air.

4) If Possible, Work From An Outdoor Location

Most coffee shops have a patio with power outlets and wifi. In our industry, that’s about all we need to work somewhere. Working on paper? Trying bringing everything you need and spending an hour in the sun, or scheduling your next meeting there. Everyone will be a little happier getting some Vitamin D in.

5) Change Your Desktop Picture

Be it grass, flowers, or whatever else reminds you of Spring. Change your desktop picture! It will be a nice surprise whenever you close all your windows (as if that ever ACTUALLY happens).

R U Missing Out on SM Traffic?

The latest stats show that 32% of data shared on mobile traffic is coming from YouTube and Facebook. Is your business on social media? If you don’t think social media is for you, think again…

Facebook Q&A

We thought we’d take some time today to address some common questions and issues that arise with Facebook business accounts. Here are the top three – straight from the developers and customer service at Facebook!

1) How Do I Claim A Facebook Page That Already Exists For Your Business

A Facebook Page may exist for your business even if you or someone else from your business didn’t create it. This happens for a variety of reasons. For example, when someone checks into a place that doesn’t already have a Page, a new Page is created to represent the location.

If you’re the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity or brand and someone else has created a Page for it, you can report the Page. If no one is managing the Page, you can request to claim it. From the Page you want to claim:

Allow up to one week for your request to be reviewed. If your request is accepted, you’ll become an admin of the Page.

Once you’ve claimed your Page, you may be able to merge it with any duplicate Pages that you have. The Pages must represent the same thing and have similar names to be eligible for merging. If the Pages have physical locations, make sure the addresses are the same.

2) How Do I Merge Two Pages For The Same Business

If you’re a manager-level admin of both Pages, you may be able to merge them. This option is only available for Pages that represent the same thing and have similar names.

To merge your Pages:

The people who like your Pages and check-ins will be combined, but all other content such as posts, photos and the username will be permanently deleted from the Page you merge. Content on the Page you want to keep will remain unchanged, except for the addition of people who like your Page and check-ins that were merged from the other Page. The Page you don’t want to keep will be removed from Facebook, and you won’t be able to unmerge it.

Note: If you don’t see the option to merge your Pages, it means that your Pages can’t be merged at this time.

3) How Do I Add Or Make Someone An Admin To A Facebook Page?

To add an admin to your Page, you have to be a manager-level admin. To add an admin:

The new admin can accept or reject the admin invite by going to and clicking Invites at the top. Depending on their settings, they may also receive a notification or an email.