Meet Our New Team Member!

Have you met our new Team member Jillian, yet?! You can learn more about Jillian below… #gettingtoknowyou

Jillian Chow is the Account Manager of the team! She is in charge of managing all accounts, posting contents on social media, analyzing data, and preparing marketing sales reports.

She is a food lover in general, but one specific food she cannot resist would be Banana Leaf Rice – an authentic Malaysian dish served on a banana leaf with rice, vegetables, meat and topped with curry.

Throughout her years here in the States, she has traveled to 14 states including Colorado, Florida, Chicago, Minnesota, California, New York, Kansas, Kentucky, South Dakota, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa and not forgetting, Nebraska!

Jillian was born and raised in a country called Malaysia. Her family is Malaysians with a Chinese and Thai descent. The Chows are travelers for sure! As a family, they have visited almost 10 different countries thus far. They are also very adventurous as they enjoy doing things like hiking, jungle trekking, and going to the beach as a family activity.

When it comes to movies, “Now You See Me” is definitely one she would re-watch over and over again just because she is amazed by the intelligence level in the movie and the magic tricks they do are absolutely mind-blowing, as she describes.

Also, she does have a furry family member at home in Malaysia. A small toy-poodle mix! Let’s just say that when the storm comes, Curlie is there to calm it, as she brightens up the mood every single time.

Something that most people don’t know about her is that although she loves doing extraordinary activities such as skydiving and extreme roller coaster rides, she is indeed terrified of heights!

Holiday Tech Gift List 2017

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving which means one thing: we’ve got the holidays on the brain!

Along with all of the delicious food we plan to eat we’re also thinking about gift giving and finding the perfect thing for every person on your list. Our round up this year includes some of our favorite items from last year, now improved and at a much better price!

1. Amazon Kid Edition Fire Tablet ( – Starting at 69.99 you get a lot of value for your buck. Tablets can have a memory card added, come with a year subscription to Free Time, and a 2 year no questions asked replacement warranty.

2. Amazon Echo Dot with Wink Essentials ( – The Echo Dot will be as cheap as $30 this weekend. Last year we got a Dot and smart lightbulbs for Christmas that started a smart home addiction that now invades our whole house. This is a great starter set, but throw some extra cash to the side because once you start you won’t want to stop!

3. Insant Pot ( – These will go as low as $60 this weekend. I got one for Christmas last year and it’s become one of my favorite things. Best roasts I’ve ever made and they can be done in less than 2 hours. I keep finding new reasons to use it and it’s by far one of my favorite appliances that I suggest to everyone.

4. iRobot Roomba ( – This wifi powered one is only $275 this weekend and well worth the price! Our Roomba has turned out to be one of our best investments, it even works great on the carpet.

5. Phillips Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock ( – You probably never thought you’d spend $70 on an alarm clock (which is way less than we paid) but this thing is amazing. Especially at this time of year where you don’t get as much sun and can struggle getting out of bed in the dark this is great.

What tech gifts are you eyeing this year?

GenR8 Tips: Cleaning Up your Website

We build quite a few websites at GenR8, and though it isn’t our main service, we do find that it’s the hub of your digital marketing efforts. Because of that we often work with clients to create a new website specifically to garner more leads.

Our tips for your website:

  1. Make Contact Us easy to access. People are lazy, so having the contact form, as well as multiple ways to click to Contact Us will ensure the most traffic to the form.
  2. Use great imagery. There are tons of great FREE stock images out there to utilize if you can’t take your own, but taking your own is preferred. Hiring a photographer to take some headshots, images of you working, and of your location will beef up your website. Even if you can’t afford a photographer, with some decent lighting and the HD camera on your phone you can still take some great shots.
  3. Simplify your website. Both in the menu and within the content you want your website to be easy and simple for the people that use it. Your website should be the introduction to who you are, so make it concise and let people reach out to you to ask their questions.
  4. Let people get to know YOU. Whether it’s in your blog, on your About page, or on a staff page the number one page people will go to on your website is always the page about who you are. So, don’t be afraid to talk about your interests, passions, and why you do what you do. People like people, embrace it!


Announcing: Digital Marketing Workshop

Join GenR8 Marketing and LIBA for a Lead Generation Using Social Media & Google Search Workshop!

Looking for new ways to generate leads for your business? Maybe you want to build visibility and word-of-mouth buzz? There are some great tools, as it relates to digital marketing to put to use. In this class, we talk about those tools and how to use them for website, social media and online advertising. GenR8 hopes to see you there!

Date: Tuesday, October 17th
Time: 10am – 11am
Location: The Jasmine Room by Venue
129 N 10th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508

RSVP at :