GenR8 Tips: Facebook Insights

In this weeks GenR8 Tips: Facebook Insights for your Business Page. Step one, make sure your page is a FB business page. Step two, check out your insights to learn more about what posts are mattering to your clientele.


Genr8 Tips: Facebook

This week, Holly talks about the importance of staying relational on Facebook. We often talk about how Facebook is the family room of social media… you expect to see your friends and family, play a few games, and have a few great chats. Keep in mind that audience when posting for your business and always try to stay people oriented.


GenR8 Tips: What is DNS

When dealing with websites we’re often asked what in the world DNS is. Often, it’s different than where you’re domain is, and even what you’re hosting is. Jason explains more…


GenR8 Tips: Free Imagery

It’s important when posting online to have imagery. Photos & graphics provide interest and lend a new level to your work. When looking for stock imagery online don’t land yourself with a lawsuit because you didn’t pay for the image license. You can use websites like and  to get free, high resolution images.